Momoka Gomi’s passion for creation has started from the interest in time and memory. Momoka Gomi explores the potential time passages on her woven fabric surface.

Photo credit: Jonny Guardiani

Photo credit: Jonny Guardiani


As a hands-on designer and maker, I am fascinated by the skill of weaving.

This slow evolving process mimics our lives; we get wiser and more beautiful as time passes, and that shapes who we are.
We can say this is the same for woven fabric; each living thread contributes towards its individual character.

I hand weave fabric using a mechanical dobby loom at my studio in Nottingham.

Through my training to become a Kimono dresser at the age of 17, I learnt the value of textiles; how precious a piece of fabric is, how multifunctional it can be with great care. 

At the heart of my practice, is an interest in how memory is recollected in our brain, only to delicately decay over time.

I work mainly with cotton denim and silk yarn, both of which share the characteristic of memories, creating potential change in the fabric as time passes.

Textiles are as individual as their owner, and each piece should be unique. To add a distressed feature on its surface, I sometimes dye or discolour the fabric after its woven, creating a colour flow that is never the same twice. Colours that are often subtle, fading textures, eroded in places to represent our life stories.


Video credit: Jonny Guardiani